Empowering & integrating immigrant women in German work and business life

SmartFRAU Initiative

Empowering and Integrating Immigrant Women in Germany

About SmartFRAU: SmartFRAU is an innovative initiative brought to you by Desi Media Deutschland e. V. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by immigrant women, especially those transitioning to life in Germany, SmartFRAU is dedicated to offering guidance, support, and a platform for empowerment.

Member of MORGEN e.V.

Network of Munich Migrant Organizations

Our Mission:

To support and uplift immigrant women in Germany by providing them with resources, mentorship, and opportunities that foster personal and professional growth. We aim to bridge the gap between talents, aspirations, and the German professional landscape, ensuring integration is not just about fitting in but thriving.

What We Offer:

  1. Success Stories: Highlighting the journeys of immigrant women who’ve made significant strides in their personal and professional lives in Germany.

  2. Workshops: Regular interactive sessions offering insights on job search strategies, recognition of foreign qualifications, and further education opportunities.

  3. One-on-One Career Counseling: Tailored advice to help women navigate their career path, including CV reviews and application assistance.

  4. Language Support: Offering German language courses and consultations in native languages to ensure no one is left behind due to language barriers.

Meet Your Hosts


Fatima Abbasi

Project Coordinator and General Secretary of Desi Media Deutschland e. V. Dr. Abbasi’s unparalleled dedication to the cause and her own personal journey make her the perfect spearhead for this initiative.

MBBS from Pakistan

Administration and Technical Support

Bringing with him a wealth of experience in IT and project management, Sharique plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation of the SmartFRAU initiative. His expertise in administration, office management, and liaising with German authorities is instrumental in bridging the gap between the immigrant community and local resources.

Join Us

Are you an immigrant woman seeking guidance? Or do you know someone who might benefit from our initiative? We invite you to be part of the SmartFRAU family. Let's build a community where every woman feels valued, supported, and empowered. For more details or to join the SmartFRAU initiative, please email us at:

Sponsors & Partners:

We’re proud to have the support of the Munich City Government and are open to collaborations that align with our mission.

Stay Updated:

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